I’ve had brilliant help this week with just about everything

Cant thank Jay, Jan, Rory, Issy, Ed, Abbie, Millie and Honor enough for all their help, driving, lifting , cycling, mending etc etc. It makes life so very much easier ( and possible ) if I get a bit of help ( and sometimes a lot of help ).

I’d like to thank the generous Adam T for lunch the other week, and likewise Bret M for dinner, Larry F and Sarah for lunch too, along with Big James C for giving me a careful push along Chis High Rd, when I needed one.

Neal, Debs, Miles, Emily and Conor are all  being bloody brilliant too, nothing being too much trouble. It’s been good today, trying my best to coach Miles to kayak from my bloody wheelchair, unable to get in and demonstrate myself. Jesus, I can’t even lift both arms up in my chair without falling over ..ah well.

My latest and longest urinary tract infection has finally been treated. The pleasure of not peeing yourself cannot be underestimated, even though I cannot of course feel my wet pants.


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  1. You probably wont remember me from the hogarth club…1980s version…but I certainly remember a very warm and friendly welsh bloke with a lovely english girlfriend….you seem like the very warm friendly welsh bloke now…only a lot more inspiring….very special what youve achieved since last year…Every time I get out on the bike I think of you..Gary ONeill

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