Thank you.

Well despite the medical team’s misgivings ( not to mention my own ), I’ve tried and I’d say succeeded at sit ski. 

So I’m not an expert yet, but the thing is that I know now that I will be in due course. 
That’s not arrogance (before someone says it) but it is confidence, and it’s the first glimmer of confidence I’ve had about my future since I woke up enough from my coma to realise what a mess I was in. 
I can’t thank, firstly Alwyn, enough, for believing in me and making it actually all happen, and secondly, in no particular order ( because there are so many ), Pam ( Alwyn’s good friend here, who runs the kids ‘hopefuls’ ski race school ) for suggesting Vermont Adaptive ski school, Dani for always pushing me, my family for their limitless support , my instructors Aaron and Loranlyn for being so bloody nice to me ( and doing it in their free time as volunteers !) and my countless friends for telling me again and again that they knew I’d crack it. 
Without all of those, I’d not even have left the appartment, and not tried it, and gone home never knowing how a few hours can change a man’s whole perspective on the world. 
Last night back here at the appartment I felt I was able to be the real me, in the things I said, joking about stuff like I used to be, and I thought I’d never be again. 
Alwyn didn’t notice, but on the chair lift yesterday I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy that steamed up my goggles, being finally ABLE to do something. 
The boundaries now seem a lot further away, and I know my life will get progressively better. 
Thank you all so much for helping. 

3 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Russ, it was wonderful to see real happiness back in your eyes, only wish we had more time together here. One of the funniest moments from yesterday was riding up the chairlift with you and Aaron, commenting on what a great team you made, with you steering and turning your sit-ski and Aaron making minor adjustments to your line using the tethers. You said “we make a great pair, if only I was gay and you were too…we’d be perfect together”. Classic “old Russ”!

  2. Hey there Russ,
    I am enjoying your blog and I am so glad I had the opportunity to ski with you. Skiing with you and your brother these last two days was the most fun I’ve had on the snow in a long time. It was amazing to see your progression in just two short days. Thank you for your sense of humor, your incredible smile and you super positive energy. You are an inspiration. It was a successful two days… and I am glad to have been part of it. I look forward to hearing about your progress and all the exciting adventures that come your way.


  3. It was both super fun and a pleasure to ski with both of you this past weekend. I want to read more and more about your future. I know there are loads of options out there. I hope we can ski again in the near future!
    Cheers! Aaron

    P.S. Check out the High Fives Foundation or the like .It’s not quite what you need, but hopefully there’s something similar.

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