Thank you for these messages. They do help.

Thinking of you, babe. May the Fourth be with you. Xxxx See you Saturday. Xxx

Enjoy the nice sleep today, but remember to wake up afterwards. I like the world better with you in it. Xxx

Russ. Hope it goes well to day mate. Speak to you after your op. L

Good luck for tomorrow mate. Hope all goes as planned.I’ll be thinking of you,not in a gay way.

Russ, I hope all goes well with your op. Another milestone in your rehabilitation and all being well an end to the spasms. Will try and get over to visit early next week.

Good luck for tomorrow. Hope it all goes well …freedom !!! ?x

I will try and come to see you if I can but if not (as I fly at 5 Monday morning) can we catch up as soon as I’m back.

Gd luck Thurs Dawks. C&SX

Okay sweetie, let me know when you know when your ops due to finish xx
And here’s to a brighter future coming to you. ??

Cool. Just think of all the extra time you will have ! Keep me posted on op time so i can plan visit

Thought so hope all goes well etc how long you expecting to be in for?

I’m in America at the moment with my mom ? glad to hear you’re having your op on Thursday is that still on? x

Good luck for the op Russ…

I remember you mentioned. I am overseas next week, otherwise would have nicked some of your grapes. See you after the plumbing done.

Will do I have taken the first step by asking you for your help. Take care I will be thinking about you tomorrow x

Oh Darling, when will be a good visit time?

Good luck tomorrow russ a momentous op for you

Good luck for the op tomorrow Handsome x

Ok Russ, hope the surgery goes ok and the procedure turns out to make your life just a bit easier. Will FaceTime you. A x

Best of luck for today. Hope all goes well xxx


I’ve been trying to think of some good ‘arse’ jokes, or Star Wars Day jokes (May the Fourth be with poo?) (Getting a hole new Death Star?)
(Luke, I am your farter?) (Oooh – there’s a question – what will happen to your farts? You won’t have a sphincter to toot through.)
So many intresting questions to ask you on Saturday!

Also , as its Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you ?

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