Thank you Amanda.

My hat comes off for Amanda, someone that I really hardly know, for agreeing to go abroad with me.
It’s not easy at all coping with the demands that my condition makes on both myself and someone ‘ looking after me ‘.  The helping me to transfer to the bed, to cars etc is really not straightforward, and if it goes wrong then I end up on the ground, which would be way too difficult to pick me up from without 1-2 other  strong people.
I’m prone to depression too, as anyone that reads this blog will know, so that’s always a risk, that my mood slides downhill fast ( though I can be turned around fairly quickly, providing there’s a will to make that happen )
I carefully selected Amanda from a large pool of volunteers ( well, one volunteer – Amanda herself ) but I can confirm that she did a great job. It takes a few goes to get the techniques right, to help me, and by the time we left Portugal she had sussed everything – I should have booked for longer, in retrospect… but I figured that 4 days was enough for anyone, particularly a novice helper.

We had a laugh, and definitely drank too much, on top of eating very little, as is my wont.
Everyone that spends a few days with me loses weight, as they feel guilty about eating a lot more than I do….
Would she volunteer to go on holiday with me again ? I’m not so sure, but she seemed to smile a fair bit.

Maybe that was the wine?

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