Thank you

… To my friend ( and ex staff member ), Sheila, who found out about my accident the other day, and then drove from a long way away to come and see me – even bringing wine and chocolates.

Was lovely to see you, Sheila!

As it was Mike Smith, desert runner and beer drinker, who got me safely home after our introductory night out last week.
Top guy!

Xmas Eve at Rich and Trudy’s house was special too – Im at my happiest when with my family and friends – and there were lots of them there, as there were on Xmas Day at our flat.
Using my stand up wheelchair makes a big difference to my psyche in company – I’d forgotten how it is to be taller than most people, down there in a chair for 18 months.

It’s been a while since I was out on my arm bike, so Tuesday is pencilled in
My calamitous luck with accidents is in the back of my mind, so I’ll go easy on the downhills.

I think I said that to myself one day 18 months ago.
This time I’ll stick to it.

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