Thank you…

…. To the very funny Mark Povey, the lovely Mary Hardy, and the beautiful Lisa Carter, for coming, buying me tea, coffee, sandwiches, cake, grapes, and wine!

Those of you that come hopefully see me as fairly content, here in these enforced ( for my own good! ) rehab surroundings. 
Sometimes it’s your very coming that lifts me from despair. 
I can’t say that I’m getting used to my new life, no ‘acceptance’ has kicked in yet. 
I’m a lot more prone to negative thoughts than I was 2 months ago, even though I’m getting better physically, the mental test is the harder element. 
I have no doubt that my inner strength will improve given time. 
On the upside, I think I’ve put on 3kg’s in weight. And that’s in upper body muscle. 
The current me would kick sand in the face of the 5 weeks ago me ( if there was sand, and if I could move my leg with my arm to propel some sand high enough )
So that’s cause for celebration. 
Y’all sleep well , out there in the real world. 
I think tomorrow will be a nice day. 🙂

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