Thank you.

Thanks.. In no particular order  ( except for the first person ) to :


Irum and Farah for today, and our late afternoon and evening out ( after my psychiatric appt – where I was encouraged to adopt the mind strategy that I am grateful for being in a wheelchair – not as bonkers as it sounds ),

Adeelah, Jana and the team in Egham,


Lisa Jones for her long and beautifully written letter to me,

Pia, for being Pia, and Cliff and Holly for their tolerance,

Jo, for being gay Jo,

Dan for his ongoing support,

Jo Midgely for being so pissed that even tho I was very very drunk, I felt sober next to her,

Danny  and Pippa  Kishon for making me laugh

Rich, Trudy, Jack and Luke K for a great 18th birthday party, and Sarah F for being the Vagistrate

Toby for breakfast, and advice,

Sian for her concern,

Glenn for his,

Larry for drinking my beer,

Roy and Dickon for a different breakfast  and their strength,

Most of Team WDF cyclists, plus partners, plus Jules and Vaughan, for all coming to my house for a Loire cycle ride reunion,

Mike Smith for his ‘ don’t let the bastards get you down’ approach,

My Mum for her texts,

Sas and the Park Club for a big night out,

Andrew Pelosi for proving that business contacts can also be close friends,

Colin White for his party,

Clair Mason for her love,

Stu Metcalf for his empathy,

Charlie Perkins for being a horse’s arse,

Roy  in advance for tomorrow, and likewise Rob Colliver,

Sandra K, Monique, Arti and the 2 Chris’s  for their messages,

Jayney C for her humour,

and all the other people that prove their friendship over and over again.


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