Thank you.

Ok, so my arms do still hurt ( but I’ve always liked that feeling – strange I know ).


I  have to thank, in no particular order, the men that took me to France and made me ride quite a long way through the countryside on roads of varying quality, through weather of varying niceness, with views of consistent beauty. Who made me drink beer and french wine every day ( I was easily persuaded ) and lifted me in and out of stuff, carried me up steps, gave me water, kept me company, remained in good humour, and were never anything other than willing to help when I needed it.

So to Roy, Kev, Toby, Neil, Robbie, Sanjay, Vaughan, Sam, Glenn, Ian, Nick, John and Dickon, I want to say that I am proud to call you my friends.

And then there’s that other bloke,  who despite his obsession with Chelsea, was ( nearly ) always at my side for 4 days, keeping an eye on me and making sure I was safe, carrying my stuff ( including catheters ) pushing my chair to give my arms a break, being always organised enough to make sure I got on trains and into taxis on time etc etc.

So he deserves special thanks, as my No 1 helper on this little trip, and whilst he’s not as pretty as some of the other people who give me a hand with things on a regular basis, he’s still beautiful for the qualities he has as an amazing mate.

So Dan, cheers Bud, you’re a legend.



Dan and I. Almost the same height, now that I can’t stand up. image

2 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Hi Rus, Just saw your blog post and pic. Looks great and glad your trip was successful. I know we haven’t spoken for ages but I think of you often, especially as I broke my back shortly after you. I was a lot luckier. Good to hear you have so many friends around to support you. I send my best wishes from Israel. Take care mate. Steve Banks

    1. I was thinking about our dive trip the other day, Stevie.
      Glad I got to do amazing things like wreck diving before my paralysis.
      It would be more than tricky now…

      Keep following my diary, buddy. 🙂

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