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Some Messages for Russ:

Sonia Marquardt


I know Russ through Richmond Canoe Club and have supported him on DW. I have always admired and respected Russ’ commitment, determination and super-human strength. These combined qualities have got him, very successfully, through some of the world’s most gruelling physical challenges. Dig deep, Russ, and carry on fighting. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 
Eva White
Can't wait to see you in those fetching sequenced pink shorts, St Tropez tan and a glass of Prosecco swaying in your hand. Warm kisses from Eaves....xxxx 

Esmond Kensington

Russ and Dani, we're thinking of you and willing you on. Much love from Es and Jac, and a special hug from Natasha and Max to Amber and Lilly.

Blair Hunter

Hi there

I have been reading your blog daily as I am sure many people have. I am not a close friend of Russ's but know him through Speccy's and from skiing. I was so shocked to hear of his accident. It seems inconceivable that someone known for being so full of life and vitality should be in that situation. My thoughts are with you and all his close family and friends who are having to deal with this terrible situation. Please do let Russ know I was asking for him once he is in a position to know what is happening around him.

My very best wishes to you all

Blair Hunter


Russ! I've been following your incredible progress on Melissa's blog.
Im am certain  all your messages of support allude to your undoubted
superhuman physical and mental strength, so i wont blow smoke up your
arse. You are however a total one off, and as the machines confirm, you
are officially the first ever Welshman to have full cognitive brain
function !

You and Danni are never out of my thoughts (sounds a bit gay if I don't include Danni in that bit). 

I know it's going to be your greatest challenge and a long and testing
journey back (that's Toulon Ryanair for you, particularly if you travel
with excess baggage..... or as you say-"Danni") but with your physical
and mental fortitude and your lovely Danni and family by your side you
will once again excel . 

Stay strong , 


David Ainsworth-Lay

Hi Russ, I was really shocked to hear that you were not very well, my thoughts are with you and those around you at this time. You have got to fight this through and win, I know you can, I need you as my second in command for Hearcare  Get well and be back soon. David Ainsworth-Lay

Rebecca Leach

Melissa, thank-you so much for this blog, we have been
following it every day and it is good to hear of the progress Russ is
making step by step. 

and Dani you have been uppermost in our thoughts every single day and
we are sending all of our positive thoughts to you - willing on Russ's
recovery.  You are showing amazing strength.

With much love Rebecca and Rob Leach xx(and a special hug to Lily and Amber from Daisy xx)

Sally Torkington

Hi Russ

I am thinking of you all the time.  It’s just another marathon in your
life which you are going to win as you have so much strength.  Too much
for me to keep up with on the skiing holidays but I always had just
enough  strength to keep up with you in the bar!

All I can think of is laughing with you every time we meet and my lasting
vision of you in fancy dress as Rose West!  Spinning me above your head
at my 40th is also an hilarious memory – I actually wasn’t scared at all!

We are all routing for you here and I can’t wait to see you very soon.

L Sally xxxx

Nicholas wilson

“Russ, great to witness, albeit from afar, that you are making such
progress.  With hindsight and knowing the man I guess it was never in
doubt that you would fight your way back. From the latest photos on the
blog you still look fitter
and slimmer than your big brother.  And that’s even after lying in bed
for weeks eating the very best in French cuisine, albeit in liquid
form.  Keep up the good work and very best wishes from here to you,
Dani, your girls and, frankly, everyone who has been
helping to nurse you back to good health. Nick.”

2 thoughts on “Team Russ

  1. Thanks Melissa. I have indeed been having trouble writing on the blog, not because of a logon or technical problem, but because it is so difficult to find the words; hopeful of course, because we know the fighter that Russ is, and how many are fighting with him, but still rocked by what has happened, as I’m sure we all are.

    It already seems an age since our afternoon of joy, in one of the world’s most beautiful places, was shattered by Russ’s cruel accident. It still seems incomprehensible that it could happen to Russ; of anyone, so strong and skilled on his bike.

    But we must each deal with life’s challenges, and we know there will be no one more able to rise to this than Russ.

    The updates of the last few days have been hugely reassuring thank you, and I’m sure that the big man is on his way back to us all now.

    Keep fighting Russ. Stay strong Dani.

    With all our love and prayers,

    Jeremy & Lizzy, Charlie & Cecily

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