Take your time… no rush….

As my carer moves ever slower, she explains that it’s due to the warm weather.

As she has been living in Africa all of her life, hasn’t she become previously accustomed to that?

Just a thought…

3 thoughts on “Take your time… no rush….

  1. Russ, don’t judge a book by its cover.
    A few years ago now when I was in hospital due to have a baby, I came across a v…e….r…..y slow moving nurse. I recall saying to myself, gees I hope she doesn’t deliver my baby.
    On the day little baby become poorly, she was amazing she knew by reading my face that things weren’t right, she called for the Dr at the totally right time, she basically saved my life as shortly after I was tachycardia. In her slow manner she read my face, which she did on a daily basis and that day she made the right call when other nurses would listen to me as a neurotic first time Mum.
    The baby sadly died, and I sobbed my heart as did my midwife Enie (the slow kind caring one). Xx

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