Thanks to Bret, Rick and Paul for catching the train to SM station, from London, bringing Sushi ( exotic for a notherner, a Mancunian and a welsh boy 

Oh yes, it was the American who supplied the sushi ) and for smuggling in wine as well. 
I’m sure Saville committed far worse crimes than that, yet still was feted here…. 
I’m in a ward of 4. 
Only 2 of us speak. 
The other two do actually have the capacity to, but opt not to. 
One is a young guy, very sad. The other is around 60 and definitely is a little arrogant. And Christ can this fella snore. 
Last night it was like the rebirth of Concorde in here. 
Someone pressed the nurse button to get them to wake him. 
I broached the subject with him this morning as our wheels passed in the corridor. He looked shocked that I talked to him. I’m not entirely sure he recognised me, even tho he sleeps 10 feet from me. 
He said he wasn’t aware that he’d ever snored… I asked if he was married?
As he answered in the affirmative, I wondered if he’d ever actually spoken  to his wife….

2 thoughts on “Sushi?!

  1. Hi Russ, back in the fold, went to France, and moved house, just getting over flu!
    Mac has taken to snoring and I find a good hard poke in the ribs works wonders, and so do ear plugs. I will bring you some! I have never slept so soundly before I tried them xx Will see you very soon xx

  2. Oh dear… snoring… you have my absolutely sympathy…. a have a lovely snoring husband and sometimes I think he has stopped breathing. I would like to say that you get used to it…. but that would be lying! Wine should be on the menu there (does it intefere with any drugs they give you?)… it would liven up the conversation no end.xx Mary

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