Surprise visits.

Although ‘surprise visits’ might sound like a lovely idea, they’re actually not ideal. 

I have a really full diary of rehab so if you try to surprise me, the chances are I won’t be there, making your long journey a bit of a waste of your time,  or I may be desperate for a sleep. 
So if we could stick to the pre arranged visits idea, I’d be so very very grateful. 
Thank you so much. I DO love getting visitors, it makes a huge difference, trust me. 

1 thought on “Surprise visits.

  1. Russ
    I made a rare trip to UK earlier in the month.
    I was in London briefly and tried to make trip up to Stoke Mandeville.
    I called to check on viisting protocol got thru to main reception, got no further.
    Good point about surprise visitors.
    how do you go about setting up a visit.
    I will be making another rare visit to UK in couple of weeks time.
    I got to come see you.
    In the words of Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) “come up and see me and make me smile” (If you are not familar with the song , you need find some other chaps who were around in the 70’s, the song could be your theme song)

    The very best regards
    aka Graham Collier
    Houston TX USA

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