Surgeon’s dilemma.

I’m reading a book, written by a brain and spinal cord surgeon.
His job deals with life and death every day, operations going well, and operations going badly.

He talks about the dilemma he has inside, when operating, knowing that he may well keep patients alive, but in varying states of disability.

I took a picture of one of the pages of the book.

It obviously got me wondering what was going on in the minds of the surgeons that kept me alive in France, given they told my relatives that it was very possible that IF I woke up, I might be severely mentally disabled. image

1 thought on “Surgeon’s dilemma.

  1. Russ, the doctors in Toulon were very honest, there was no politeness or politic in their estimation of what might happen to you. There was no question in any of our (your family) minds they should do anything they could to keep you alive. We all had faith you would somehow pull through and that we would be there for you, whatever the outcome. It was a very straightforward decision, no difficult conversation, frankly not even a moments hesitation. A

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