Sunny in Chiswick.

I went just down the road and under the subway earlier, to get me to the Thames in time to see the  Boat Race, or more accurately a few seconds’ view of it, after which they’ve gone by and are receding from view.

As I was watching it on my phone in advance of them getting to where I was, I was surprised when they suddenly appeared, about 2 minutes before I expected them to.  I hadn’t realised that there was a 2 minute delay in the coverage compared to real life. It did strike me as a bit odd,  until I thought about it. It’s only a theory but I think perhaps they were guarding against live televising a terrorist incident, or that WW2 bomb going off near Putney Bridge, which would have made a fair bit of mess ( as it was intended to by a different enemy 75 years ago ).  Happily, there was no such disruption and as usual it wasn’t really very exciting, with one team leading from start to finish.

Amazingly I am today spasm free so far. It’s been a long time since I have been able to say that. I’m in the chair that stands me up and I’m not hanging on whilst I jerk around, which hasn’t happened for ages. It’s not clear as to why, but I suspect the passing of the UTI and not being blocked up ( bowel wise )  combine to make my body more at ease. It’s not as though I’m sleeping  well, and I’m still waking up in the night drenched in sweat most nights, including last night  ( no idea why ) but today London was warm and sunny, so perhaps that just agrees with me ?

Tomorrow I go with Marky P, Pat and Jo to the RGS to hear one of the guys from the ‘ Mutiny ‘ series on Channel 4. The voyage of Captain Bligh, after his ejection from the Bounty by the mutineers was recreated, albeit with a support boat not far away, for TV.  Unlike the real thing 230 odd years ago, no one was going to die from starvation or being shot or being eaten by cannibals or from falling ill, but hey. It’s definitely the sort of challenge I’d have enjoyed, although I don’t think that sailing whilst a bit hungry or thirsty, and with an annoying Scouser in the crew for a few days before he was kicked off ( rather than shot ) with the safety boat a few hundred yards away, can have been too hard.

It’s all relative, hardship, and depends on your own experience and psyche.


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