Sunday morning

Something new?

I visited a Massive new development that is all Wheelchair friendly, yesterday, with perhaps a view to living there.

The day before I travelled ( I drove ) to Farnborough to get my Triride fixed. My control panel had broken so I had no idea of speed, mileage or battery charge left. I wasn’t really supposed to use it much in case I got stuck somewhere, but there was zero chance of me doing that, so I carried on the same and put up with the thing just cutting out all the time in the London traffic- drivers rarely give me a hard time, thankfully, so I get away with it, other than it being a bit reckless. But what am I supposed to do – just bloody stay in, or what? No chance.

I was actually out at 8.30 am to meet Roy and Dickon for breakfast on Friday- that was new, It meant having to go to bed early- a NEW thing in itself, but I did that last night too, so am awake at 6.33 today?? Good grief  I can’t make a habit of this, surely?

Wales lost yesterday – disappointment I must say I thought we’d win.

I went with my hot date to see The Phantom Thread the other day ( new ) – what a lot of tosh – it’ll therefore definitely win at the Oscars – they don’t give an award for The Biggest Load of Bollocks but it would definitely have won that category, so don’t bother going to watch it.

Today I’ll be shooting about in West London, meeting my new temporary Carer – a lovely girl- the challenge for the Carer is always ‘ can they keep up with me?’ which of course is not the standard Carer role. They’re used to looking after sedentary people, doing some cooking and cleaning, and making lots of tea – all way down on my list of things I need the person to do with me..

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