Sunday at 2am

I can’t sleep as I’m spasming so much again tonight- that’s 2 nights in a row that are just ridiculous. A lady is in my bed with me, but obviously it’s not exactly cuddly when my legs jerk violently every 10 seconds and I can’t do anything about it.

It doesn’t do an awful lot for me, in terms of making me feel attractive, I can assure you. At least she is now asleep, having retreated to the far side of the bed. Well who could blame her?

Simple Minds ought to have stayed retired, was my verdict after seeing them. The venue was packed, but it was a classic case of ageing rockers who needed to change their act and try not to be 25 anymore. You all remember that feeling of discomfort whilst watching your dad’s moves on the dance floor.. it took me back to watching my ex father in law on the dance floor at Stringfellows some years ago – a mixture of morbid curiosity and horror, whilst suppressing ( unkind ) laughter. All in all a bit awkward and Best unseen – just like Simple Minds.

2/10 from me, followed by a long Triride back by road from Kentish Town which took about an hour and after which I was almost hypothermic. Another error of mine, best not repeated.

Linda and I live to fight another day, after a long discussion this evening, so emergency for me has thankfully receded. As I simply cannot manage without a PA, it’s ever so serious when it looks like it comes to a sudden end.

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  1. Russ you really do cheer me up. I woke up this morning not really wanting to be here but when I read your blog you always cheer me up. Margaret x x x

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