Sunday 7pm

I remember when I went away to compete in the Yukon 1000 canoe race, in 2009, that I had 3 pictures laminated and stuck to the deck in front of me. It was possible that anything might happen in that wilderness race, from simply drowning to being eaten alive by a bear.

The 3 pictures were of Dani, Lily and Amber. They smiled at me the whole way, a total of 115 hours of time spent in the boat.

I always had a tactic in other races – that if I felt low I would think of my girls, and it would rescue me.

Whilst driving I used to be prone to being a bit hot headed, so I stuck a picture of Lily on my dashboard, and I’d look at that if ever I felt annoyed with some other motorist’s attitude.

More recently, post injury, up until probably a year ago,  when I felt the darkness all around me and wanted out, I’d think of my wife and children crying at my funeral and it would stop me in my tracks and make things more tolerable.

Now, I have no tactic.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 7pm

  1. This is very upsetting news for all of you. I have no idea what to say but I hope that you’ve seen already that your friends are there for you, Dani and the kids.

  2. Lily & Amber will always be your children! Plus I’m sure Dani still loves you & cares for you too. You still have a tactic!

  3. Russ, you’re going through a really really tough patch. If you want a new face to talk to I’m here… Can get to Chiswick in no time.

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