My stomach is impossibly bloated, which stretches the wound,making it very painful.
I’ve asked for Rennie tablets ( or an equivalent ) to make me burp in order to reduce the pressure, but the medical process involved in obtaining a chewy tablet that’s available in any chemists just across the road from here, renders getting hold of a tablet impossible.

I am so tred, and want to press the button that puts the bed flat, to enable me to sleep, but I can’t, as that increases the wound stretch, and makes me want to cough. Coughing feels like being stabbed in the stomach, so I desperately suppress the urge. It’s an almost impossible task to achieve, and I feel that I’m slowly but surely drowning I’m this situation.. even more than The Donald is drowning in his.

The difference is that Trump deserved what he gets.
Do I ?

Thanks to Pia and Holly for their visit.

1 thought on “Sunday.

  1. No mate, you don’t deserve this. The Donald could do with a dose of the harsh reality you have to deal with every day, the kind he can’t buy or bully his way out of. He really is a disgusting human being.

    Good to see lots of good wishes, love and support coming your way. You definitely deserve that.


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