So it’s been one extreme to the other.
Horribly constipated and looking 4 months pregnant, to shi****g myself no less than TEN times in 30 hours.

I now have a flat stomach ( which tbh paraplegics of my level, shouldn’t have )
So that’s good?

Watched some Paralympics here, on the telly. Speaking as someone who is now properly disabled, I do wonder about the criteria for inclusion in the Games.
I don’t see how having been born with one hand missing, makes you particularly disadvantaged on a bicycle that doesn’t even have brakes …? Having ridden a bike with one hand in a plaster cast for a week ( just before my crash in June ’13 ) I can confirm that it makes very little difference to cycling at speed…

And the guy playing just incredible table tennis holding the bat in his mouth, because he’s got no arms … why is he pitched against guys with all four limbs, albeit one leg that’s a bit dodgy?


The Chinese girl with one leg, winning the swim, and she’s called Lim Ping? Surely not?!
They didn’t even make a joke, f’ing PC world ?

( no, not PC World where you bought a printer, I meant Politically Correct world )

Operation now scheduled for Friday.
Five days til that, then wake up mentally deranged til the following Tuesday, go through constipation then the Grand Release, and then the option of some time here, or in North London ( for some specialist rehab for a few days/ weeks ) and then home.

Thanks to all my very nice visitors that I’ve had – it really does take the edge off.

X x ‘s to all of those.

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