Sunday 21st July ….a little extra from Dani.

Sleepy times….

A difficult few days as Russ is in his 3rd day of an induced coma (designed to assist his lung recovery and improve his respiratory functions). Really not nice to see him in a coma, face down – and then when he is “turned” back on his back, huge facial swelling and welts from being prone face-down for 12 hours or so. All the more difficult given how lively he was last Thursday.

However, what I’ve learned throughout this whole tortuous process is that whenever there is a step or two forward, it is generally followed by a step back. And, indeed, we were told to expect this from the doctors right from the start. Still harrowing nevertheless.

Anyway, am now back in lovely W4 and it is truly lovely to be home and to be reunited with Lily who’s just returned from her sailing holiday in Italy. The girls are doing a drama course this week (obviously in a quest for Hollywood stardom some day….!) and it’s also Lily’s birthday Friday so should be some chilled nice Chiswick days ahead. Then back to Toulon at the weekend to hopefully see some Bionic-Russ improvements 🙂

Russ’s lovely parents and lots of fab friends will be there while I’m away so am relying on them for regular blog updates.

On a more cheery note, below are pictures of our classy dinner on the French Riviera last night (at my dad’s hotel in Bandol, just outside Toulon). Great dinner with dad, Wendy, Lisa and Andrew and Amber and I. As you can see, Amber was introduced to her first few sips of champagne. I know, very bad mother…..:-s

Love Dani xxxx

P.S Re. Russ’s face-down comatose state, have just realised that about 67% of those reading the blog will have actually witnessed Russ in this state on numerous occasions before (as have I over the 29 years we’ve been together). Pretty normal way for the party boy to end an evening…..:-s

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