I’ve had worse first days on the snow since my  reinvention as a satdownskier.  The  overly priced ski poles that I bought from America, at first seemed totally bemusingly useless in every way and on the first turn I piled off the edge of the piste and into the grass and mud headfirst and semi upside down. Having my in fact usual optimism ( that isn’t always apparant ) that immediate crash led to a massive disappointment. As my spasms had returned with a vengeance in the night, and continued ever since, along with a return of the extreme tenderness of my stomach, I could have done without a terrible start to be honest.   My guide ( who had NOT recommended ‘ American stab’s ‘ ) suddenly seemed to have been justified. He skied me down, basically ‘ driving me along ‘ and onto the chairlift, and there we had a conversation about reverting to the French stab’s.  I’d had a pretty good look at the construction of the stab’s but I’d missed, as had J-J the guide, an Alun key adjustable screw  that transformed the things from f’ing useless to pretty passable , and that was  the effect on my satdownskiig.  Extraordinarily the stab’s had come with no guide  to adjustment, you were supposed to just work it out…. especially noticing the all important screw that was in a recess and virtually invisible.

I’d brought my own pre injury carving skis ( that I loved ) and they were now the pair that I was ‘on ‘.  The psychological effect of seeing something familiar below me was a positive for sure.

Thereafter it steadily got better,  really . The snow now is basically kind of hard’ish slush, but it does give my skis and pole-skis some traction,  though is totally different to stuff I’ve been sat down on before. Just like regular skiing, you have to get used to different snow and the way you have to ski on it, though it’s a damn sight easier when you have two legs that work, two skis that you can adjust independently, and a trunk that you can move in a variety of directions ( please no elephants- on -skis jokes ).  I continued to fall over, but less often, and my last run was my best – a thing that hasn’t happened before!

Somebody also found Amber’s phone in the snow and I beat Lily at Trivial Pursuits ( yes, she had the  kids’ questions and me the grown up ones )

So on reflection though not a great  day by a long, long stretch, it could’ve been worse, and should ( in theory ) get better.


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