Blimey, even just one drink can alter my mood, I’ve realised… so I may have to knock it on the Ed after all, it seems?

Juju, Pia and I saw the very talented Bone Band, starring Russ Stewart on vocals and keyboard, last night. Thanks Russ for the invite!

Thanks too, to Jo for again cooking for the Indifferent ( me ) on Monday, and for the Bennfs for visiting, to Cherie as always, to my new carer ( only temporary ) Miriam, to Victoria, to the Chiswick District Nurse. Good to catch up with Lal, and to watch Sody do her thing in Glastonbury today- she was just incredible 🙂

I’ve managed to pimp my wheelchair ride yet more today, relocating yet more bicycle lights onto it, as the nights slowly draw in and my bus lane trips are increasingly in the gloom. If a car crashes into me now, then it’s either deliberate or driven by the visually bereft….

Btw, Glastonbury is just brilliant viewing, and the older acts are definitely owning it this year. Well, except for Sody obviously.

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