The NHS doctor kindly visited at 1.30 this morning, and after a bit of a chat gave me Amoxiclav 500mg, which is a Penicillin antibiotic. Whether this will prove to be totally effective remains to be seen, but I’m glad that I’m on something. I’m drinking gallons of water, eating a lot of fruit , and haven’t had any alcohol for a week or so, which should help. I did spasm a lot in the night, but I took a sleeping tablet which meant that I had a half decent period of shut eye.

It’s so apparent that a UTI affects my mood. Last night, as the infection was raging, all was bad in the world. Today, after the first 3 very large tablets, my spirits are lifting. These emotions are not within my control, and I seem at the mercy of the bacteria that choose to infest me.


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  1. Oh God Russell. Another UTI. So sorry. Shame that the cause can’t be isolated i.e. Not everyone with a catheter gets as many infections as you do I assume. Anyway good to know that your mood remains positive. It just gets hidden with an illness. So aka you’re still amazing. Respect. And love.

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