What do you do when repeated efforts to fix something fail ? Well you change tack and try another way, I have learned.

My looker afterer, G, is a talented girl. There are lots of things she does well, and enthusiasm isn’t missing at all.

Hoovering however seems to be beyond her. So bad in fact that you can’t tell any difference between the area she has done and an area she hasn’t. I fairly regularly pointed out the, well let’s say shortcomings, of her efforts, but ultimately all I achieved was a flat that wasn’t any better Hoovered and a put out help…..

So I bought a robotic vacuum cleaner instead… and she ( I’ve called her Henrietta, after her well known bro ) is a little dream. She’s thorough, DOESN’T GET DISTRACTED, DOESNT STOP TO CHAT, doesn’t ever take offence if I nudge her to go over a certain area again etc etc

Every paralysed bloke should have one, if not ( maybe ) every bloke full stop…. the home harmony she brings is definitely, definitely worth the pounds paid.

I did a tad of research online. She was rated No 1. She’s a Bagotta – black, slinky and slavishly obedient…. I think some people could get a Robovac fetish.

But not me – things aren’t quite that desperate ( yet )

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