Stranger and stranger.

I dated a lady that I met online for a bit.  When she was nice, she was ever so nice, but when she wasn’t, she really wasn’t….

I finished the relationship, but you’ll never guess what happened next. …

She has refused to give me back various items of disability equipment that I had at her house! I mean what does a perfectly able bodied woman want with 2 wheelchair ramps, a slide board to enable my to get into bed, and a hold all full of colostomy bags ?

You couldn’t make my life up, honestly! I’ve had to report her to the police, ffs… Good Lord, whatever next?

4 thoughts on “Stranger and stranger.

    1. Well it’s the same girl that came to the fetish party, so yes she is a bit kinky, Margaret.
      Perhaps she’s going around wearing a colostomy bag and pretending to be paralysed – nothing would surprise me… x

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