Still wide awake at 11.45..

It was very touching to have 3 of the hospital staff  come from their bits of the hospital, to visit me in my bit of the hospital – 3 lovely people from my last prolonged stay here. I don’t think I’m supposed to publicly name staff, so I won’t, just in case.

The two ladies that came yesterday even recognised Pia, who was there at the time, because they read this diary. AM said she read the posts on the train, in the mornings and has a real laugh. She described me as having the World’s best social life?! Well I’m not so sure about that… I just try to stay busy.

They’re trying to make me eat massively high calorie, chemical drinks, apparently on the basis that I must be eating less than I normally do because I’m in hospital.  Actually I’m eating the same as I do when I’m not in hospital- hardly anything!  But there is lots of fruit available upon request, which I’m not  avoiding.  Neither am I spasming… which is a bit of a strange thing for me NOT to witness. I’m not drinking the chemical drinks for any amount of cash.

The hole is my side/front does actually hurt now, but not that much, so I’m avoiding painkillers as much as I can. As I have to pressure relieve by pulling myself over with the bed rails, it makes it hurt more, but never mind.

Just had to get the nurse to empty the blood out of the bag attached to me. It’s a bit of a bloody mess, literally.

Fart count up to 36… wtf?!

Thanks so much to Cherie for visiting – she is one of life’s angels, for sure.


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