Still Alive Russ Dawkins

Aug 2nd 2013 London Bridge Hostpital 23.12


The pic shows me with big teeth and a gingery tache. Things are bad, but not that bad!

Where do I start?

My name’s Russ Dawkins and until June 14th 2013 everybody who knew me knew me as a pretty physical guy, never missing exercise for a single day.
Now, today, this iPhone weighs a tonne.

  1. I can’t remember anything at all pre crash for maybe 2 weeks? I’ve looked in my diary, to no avail, for prompts, but all blank.. Forgive me too if these posts are short

  2. I understand though that the love and care of the Dawkins/Kingdon family combo has essentially saved my life
    My wife, Dani, I hear, has been a rock,(no surprises)  Every man needs a rock of a wife I’ve concluded
  3. My mum in law, Jenni, and S IN LAW, Melissa started this blog and somehow got 30000 hits. Sounds like a lot!
  4. Now I’m back in a London hospital on a ventilator still, with a trachetomy so unable to speak above a whisper. I’ve lost the use of everything below the navel, tho I don’t know if that’s just how it will be from now on.
    What I can say though is that I’ve packed so much into the last 46 yrs though
  5. ….that I’m pretty satisfied with my lot.
    I’ve got the 2 most exquisitely beautiful daughters, both real personalities too, that living life thro them will be a delight.

4 thoughts on “Still Alive Russ Dawkins

  1. Welcome back Russ, great to hear from you directly. Stu and the blog have been great in keeping us up to date with your amazing progress. We’re off on hols next week but will be up to visit as soon as we can after getting back. Stay strong! Our love to you, Dani and the girls, Del, Jo, Ross and Lara xx

  2. So happy that you are back. We the Tarrant’s in Cornwall, send our love to you Dani and your wonderfull girls.
    I will continue to read your blog for progress reports.
    Best wishes Russ,’s daughter)

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