So the workshop say that the plug is a sealed unit ( constructed and sealed by the manufacturers to make sure that no one else can mend it ..) and that they can’t do anything. So it’s going to have to go elsewhere so that someone can possibly cut it open, mend it and réseal it, or replicate it.

As yet, I don’t know how this will turn out, but if space rockets can go to Mars, then surely someone can mend a plug?


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  1. Thinking laterally – if the plug can’t be replaced, can the charger unit? By which I mean, is it possible for someone in the industry to build a new charger unit with a plug that matches your input? Are you in touch with Jonathan Goss from West Mon? He’s in London and he’s kind of in the right department and definitely a problem-solver. He’s a friend of mine on Facebook if you need to connect.

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