Starter for ten.

This was sent by my Uni housemate ( who shall remain nameless, for the sake of his own reputation in this diary )
All the words in brackets are written by me, and are probably closer to the truth…
Many stories my friend but not so many publishable ones!

But as a starter for 10, how about your summer home alone in Moy Rd? ( I needed money so worked on a building site for 7 weeks rather than spend a summer at home )

In no particular order, except the first one which is clearly the funniest!

1. Beginning of term, Hartley, Jon and I got back to find a bunch of 10 year olds who lived in the road sporting T-shirts with Russ the Muss written on them. And that you’d been doing shoulder presses in the street with a broomstick as the bar and a 10 year old on each end as the weights! It was like that scene from Rocky – they followed u everywhere and kept asking if you wanted to come out to play! ( I’m sure they were older than ten )

2. You and Uba ( Nigerian – public school educated – prince type – not many of those in Cardiff in 1985 ) mowed the lawn with a pair of nail scissors…( what’s wrong with that?! )

3. The bathroom window got smashed and you couldn’t recall doing it cos u were so pissed and blamed it on me. I couldn’t recall it either and actually believed it was me! Took Pat the neighbour to put us right! ( I wasn’t pissed, I was sleep walking, naked. Out the back door, into the garden, where I was seen to pick up a brick, throw it through my own bathroom window, and then walk back in – the old guy next door saw the whole thing as he was hanging out his washing )

4. Bored, you went through all our personal belongings. We returned to find dodgy photos of us all on the wall behind the Woodville pub bar… ( possibly true )

5. You worked all summer on a building site and blew it all on lumberjack shirts and a dodgy white denim jacket! ( cool back then?)

6. And finally there was a note from one of our neighbours (never identified) which said ” I seen you. I seen you shitting on our doorstep!” A charge you always denied but I did always suspect it could have been true! ( I have no idea what really happened – but generally got blamed for everything )

Cheers bud!

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