My very clever, and extremely hardworking daughter, Lily, achieved 11 A *s at GCSE, she found out today.

Incredible, given the heartache of the last 4 years.

Lets hope that she, like me, applies for Oxford University.










I didn’t get in, obviously.

6 thoughts on “Star(s).

  1. She may have everything (most of it given to her on a plate) but lets hope she finds more compassion and love for others than her Mother has. I was going to call her Mother an arsehole but I am too polite for that. Margaret x x

  2. Yay Lily! Both her parents are pretty sharp, so she had a head start… but the hard work was all her own. Good thing she has a star entourage ⭐️?✨✨✨ Congratulations Lily!

  3. Lily is a total star ⭐️
    Hardworking, clever, and pretty bloody gorgeous inside and out ❤️
    A total credit to you and Dani.
    And Amber and Kim.
    And Piggy (the cat)


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