Standing up.

I now am the proud owner of a Stand Up Wheelchair.
I transfer onto it, strap myself in (across knees and chest), hit the switch and hey presto, I’m 6foot 1.
Which is considerably better than 3foot 6.

Last night I went to the pub in it, and was aware of the reaction from ‘on lookers’ to my slow elevation… Pretty positive I’d say.

I’d forgotten what it was like to stand around and have a beer.

Fellas, there’s one experience you definitely shouldn’t take for granted.

The bloody thing weighs a ton.

So thanks to Dan and Adam for pushing me there and back, and to the nice bloke that helped lift my wheels up the large step into the George 1V pub on Chiswick High Road.

3 thoughts on “Standing up.

  1. So Santa came early !
    Well done so pleased for you Russ, will make the difference in so many ways for you I’m sure!

    Love you x x x

    A great Christmas is wished for you, Dani, Lily and Amber.
    Feel sure there will be loads of surprising things happening in your lives during 2015….xxxxx

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