Spot the Welsh Bloke…..

I was drafted in to Team WDF by Jeremy and Roy back in 2009.  I had recently got into cycling to work and, despite being overweight and under experienced,  I climbed aboard my commuter bike to puff and wheeze my way to Paris with Russ and friends. 

I’ll be honest – I was in awe of Russ.  The pace that he and many others could manage was way above what I could sustain.  But despite his obvious experience and advanced level of fitness Russ was, as in all of the trips I have enjoyed with him, forever dropping back to offer words of encouragement and conversation to the rest of us.  For me, Russ is an inspiration.  Every year he would offer a few words that I would take onboard and would invariably help my cycling efforts.

Russ.  I wish you well mate.  Watching your amazing progress on the blog is great to see.  You’re as strong as an ox and have super human determination to achieve everything you set out to do…  which I know will stand you in good shape.  Get well.  Cold beer waiting for you at a Team WDF gathering.

Love to all your amazing family.

Robbie & Jess 
                                              Russ – The Kingpin of Team WDF

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