Right, so having now seen an X-ray taken of my spine today whilst sat in my wheelchair  ( all previous ones were with me on my back ) it does explain a lot.

There’s a 36 degree curve in my spine.

Yes, THIRTY SIX  degrees.  That’s almost bloody diagonal.

It means that I’m ( laterally ) like the Hunchback of Notre  Dame.

Being straightened will mean that everything I do  will be easier. They would put screws and rods along the whole length of my spine ( in itself not good ) but the result will be symmetry at last.

Personally I can’t bloody wait to get it done, but for various reasons it may not be til August.

There are risks of course, but I couldn’t give a flying F about those, to be honest.

I’ll be a long time in surgery, then a spell in Intensive Care, then in hospital for 10 days, then   3-6 months in a  brace without vigorous exercise ( in case the whole lot falls apart )

Oh, and he warned me that I’ll feel very rough for a while.

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