Specsavers LBH Conference

It Was great seeing Russ this evening. The three of us kept him entertained for almost 3 hours and he us. We showed him the view from his room for the first time by taking a photo on Ina’s phone and emailing it to his iPad. We updated him on all the latest work gossip and answered all of his questions of interest. He was in good humour the whole evening and it was lovely to see him and Danielle. We all hope to visit again soon and this time we have a plan to get passed the scary nurse that would only allow 2 guests at a time. All the best Russ and keep up the great recovery.


It could only be pure entertainment seeing the true superman himself, Russ. I think I can speak for Irinder, Scott and myself when I say we were nervous on arriving at LBH. All of us read his blog daily, it’s like a TV series; we’re all waiting for the next episode, praying and hoping he’ll get better soon. 
From reading the blog and actually getting to see the super optom director himself- reality did strike for me. You’ve been through a massive ordeal and we still managed to walk in to your luxurious room, to see your beautiful smile and have the usual banter! You’re the true definition of strength and determination, someone with so much fight its inspiring. 
We got Russ to see the picturesque shard view via Skype, had him and Iri get some boy-on-boy action ;). We even got to sneak in some wine, now neatly hidden in his draw of toiletries – only Russ gets Clinique mens creams, aftershave and a shaving kit stored for him to be pampered. 
Danielle is a true star for how she endures everything with great strength and positivity and how much she cares endlessly for Russ
No doubt we’ll be back to see you soon Russ, glad you liked our optom calendar too! Keep strong….:)
Last night, Ina, scott and I visited Russ for the first time after the accident. 
I didnt feel nervous up until the point at which we rung the bell of the ICU and the automatic doors flung open. I didnt know what to expect and noticed the three of us collectively becoming very silent and obviously psyching ourselves up to meet Russ. However, on entry into his swanky room,  he immediately made us feel welcome and the look of instant animation in his eyes was very touching for each of us to see.
Soon afterwards, the usual Russ banter flowed and the usual bow of disappointment after being out bantered by myself was ever present (every single time, don’t even deny it!)
3 hours into our catchup session, and it was sadly time to leave. 
I find myself waking up with his image firmly fixed in my mind. The image isnt of sadness or sorrow, it’s of inspiration. He said two words last night which continue to ring in my ears- “No regrets”. You did a lot for me man, and I wont forget. 
p.s. I managed to land a punch square on his jaw. Ex pre regs thank me later!

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