Last night my buddy, Marky P, and my school friend, Lisa J ( whom I’ve not seen since my 18th bday Toga party… ) took me / came with me to see Michael Foale speak.

He’s a British astronaut and has been in Space 6 times.
What a lovely guy he seemed, too.
I suppose when they pick people to go to Space to live and work with other astronauts in close confinement for long periods, they have to choose easy going types. Heated arguments in space might not be the best thing.
He did say that his wife said he’d come back from Space ‘ a nicer person’ – especially after he was there for the first crash between 2 ‘ Space ships’ ( well one was the Mir space station ) and you can imagine how scary that was.
He almost certainly wondered whether they’d all die, or die later after being trapped in Space until they ran out of supplies. After surviving that, I think it would make you relaxed about most things, once back on Earth.

There was another speaker who talked about the effect of Space on vision and the eye.
Given my profession, that was pretty interesting too. Basically the build up of fluid in the brain would most likely make you increasingly long sighted ( you’d find it harder and harder to read ) the longer you were in Space. She didn’t say whether they send up increasingly stronger pairs of reading glasses for the astronauts…but that would be the obvious thing to do. Perhaps the next rocket launch ought be sponsored by Specsavers?
It was funny to see what happens to your hair in Space too – the weightlessness means it grows straight up, so everyone looks like Bart Simpson after a bit.

I saw my Yukon 1000 partner yesterday – crazy bugger has just finished a 2700 mile unsupported mountain bike race.
The idiot wants to do a 5,000 mile race next year. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but Rob is used to long periods between showers.
Congrats to him on his race finish, and congrats to Pia for getting a 1st in her degree ( not just a pretty face after all…)

Great to see Charlie P too.

The picture is of the astronaut and myself. I wonder who will be the first paralysed person in space? I could move around a lot easier up there.
Maybe that’s the answer?

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  1. I’m still not certain that toga was much more than a couple of your Mum’s teatowels… Thank goodness there was no Social Media in the 80s! 😀

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