Space hopper.

Another catheter, that is supposed to stay in, pulled out yesterday. That’s another prune sized balloon that’s pulled right through the valve into my bladder , and then right through my penis.

I’d pretty much pleaded with the District Nurse team to change it for one with a larger balloon, that can’t pull through.  Again and again they said ‘ no, best to leave it in, as changing it could lead to infection ‘

Never mind the f******* risk of infection, what about the damage done to my insides by the trauma of it pulling out. It’d be like pissing a space hopper, if I could feel it.

The one that’s in, that I put in myself, in desperation , everything moving around as I violently spasmed, is obviously too small too, and is destined to pull out as well.  I left a voicemail with the District Nurse team saying that I’d sue them for medical negligence if they didn’t change it for a larger balloon size asap.

Funny how suddenly it’s appropriate to change my catheter…. and it’ll be done in the morning.

Why on earth do you have to threaten legal action before the obvious thing is actually done?

I hope my fairly constant spasms are dampened at the same time – makes sense to me that I’m in pain that I can’t feel, as that space hopper is forcing its way half out…and my body doesn’t like it a bit.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your catheter hideousness. Outrageous behaviour by your nurses. I’d ask how you can input into their appraisals. That can have a real impact and create a ‘positive learning experience’. A xx

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