Sorry for not blogging much.

So I’m trying to turn back to my old routines, to a degree.
Today I woke up at 6.45, had a cup of (fruit) tea, then did 45 minutes on the arm bike that’s sat in our kitchen.
Then I had a fruit only breakfast.
Before my injury, for years this was what I’d do ( substitute kayaking or cycling for arm biking ). It’s the absolute key to not being fat – train ‘on empty’ – you don’t need to eat breakfast before you exercise ! – for an hour or so, then eat lots of fruit to rehydrate and give you some natural sugars and carbs.
I was about as lean as a fella could be, following this simple routine.
I reckon most people who need to lose weight just couldn’t do it, too tempted by food first thing in the morning, but losing and burning fat is so easy if you actually want to badly enough.

Saw 3 Richmond Canoeists on Monday.
Kenlea flew in from Dubai, and Brett and Alex from Amsterdam , to convene in my garden at 11am.
Ken’s been a constant in my email inbox since my crash, despite not knowing him that well, and him living thousands of miles away ( as has Sandra K, living even further away, in Australia )

We talked about kayak racing and all sorts of largely inappropriate stuff for a couple of hours and drank coffee in the sun.
The wheelchair came in and out of conversation, but largely it was just 3 blokes having a laugh sat in the sun.
It’s at times like this that I forget my injury temporarily, and the weight gets lifted off ( it happened again later that day when we had lunch with our brilliant friends, Lisa and Andrew ).

It’s a good sign I think.

But guys, thanks so much for coming, it means a lot to me.

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