Someone sent this to me, and I appreciate her words.

” When you write about a positive experience about how someone came to your help physically or mentally or vice versa. It puts everyday life into perspective for your reader (me)… if you can be positive and hopeful about what someone said or did for you or even how they made you feel with their smile or look or touch then I too can look out for a similar experience in my day and be grateful and say to myself “today was not too bad”

When you write about a challenging day your reader (me) feels your emotions too and makes me mindful about how I treat others in my day whether they are physically disabled or emotionally going through a rough patch (and let’s face it …we are all going through our own journeys in our minds and most of the time they are tough journeys).

So really you indirectly inspire your reader (me) to be the “best version of myself”
(Even if it’s just me who feels that way….you’ve made a difference to one person in the world and that’s better than none)”

1 thought on “Someone sent this to me, and I appreciate her words.

  1. This person has hit the nail on the head..your blog your words and emotions and rollercoaster experiences …..have an impact on the reader…it is so honest…but your impact on how it affects those who read is quite unexpected…makes one take responsibilty look outward and not take things for granted….i literally have to check how you are every day!!!!!

    Wish i could come and see you and let you take the mick out of me like you used to….!!

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