Some messages.

“Trainus” – possibly the funniest word I have heard this year. Crying laughing, and keep starting laughing again whenever I say it.

I think you need to make badges.


Hi Russ,
Just read your latest blog. Glad to hear your positivity.
If, over the coming months, your daily life & chores, legal cases, family and friends don’t keep you busy enough as you wait for your body to fully embrace your titanium rods then please start to write your book. It’s all their in your blogs. You’re a brilliant writer. Imagine it becoming a best seller, educating and inspiring others.
Just saying….

Are you doing special rates for Pensioners? We could organise a coach from the local Day Centre. Refreshments would be nice as well if you could organise this (free of course), and biscuits Front row seats would be needed as most of them can’t see very well these days. ……


Saw your blog and felt your frustrations over past week Russ – challenge after challenge -I cannot even begin to imagine the thoughts re incompetency of disparate advice and contrasting opinions at hospital. How f’ng mind blowing – I would want to screAm at them – you are a magnificent super human being to keep battling for what is only right and just – I know you will endure – when are you Chiswick based ? Can visit later part of next week -multiple kisses etc xxx

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