So far

So far.
Well, my friends continue to move me to tears.
Yesterday Chrissie got here at 8.30, ‘supervised’ my visit to the loo ( ensuring I didn’t end up on the floor, and so much more ), then hilariously chatted to me for the hour I sat there, doing my thing, washing and shaving etc, then getting dressed.
She helped get my chair onto the arm bike for 20 mins of pain, then sat with me in the London sun (!) for 45 mins.
After that Larry turned up to take me for lunch pre rugby, driving me down to Sam’s in Chiswick ( where I had the pleasure of chatting to an old mate, Paul too )
Then he took me to James and Bev Cracknell’s place to watch the game with Phil, Tel, Dan, Rick, Cal, Roger, Joyce, and the kids too ( with varying degrees of interest in the actual thrashing of Wales )
More food, more wine, more laughs ( at Wales’ ineptitude ), then Pia took myself, Lily and Amber home, staying for an hour or so too and tucking me up in bed.

So, you could scarcely say I was Home Alone then.

Dani, in the unlikely event that you feel bad about going away skiing to a luxury spa hotel on the slopes…. Don’t.
36 hours in and all is good in the world.


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