So far.

They cut me open at the front, through the skin and muscles, opening and extending my last slicing, and re-opened the scar on my back, the one that had barely healed from the last but one operation.

They took out all the screws from my last op, as well as the metal plate at the front, to drill deeper holes in my vertebrae. They put in much bigger and longer screws to secure the plate back in place.
They turned me over to drill holes in the opposite side of the same vertabrae, at the back, and screwed on another large metal plate.

Including the time spent by the vascular surgeon, moving and protecting my my major arteries and veins, and seeing me up again, it took 8 hours.

I’m in a fair bit of pain on my front, as they cut into an area where I have full sensation. I try not press the painkiller drug release button, as it doesn’t dull the pain much, but will add to the forthcoming severe constipation.

Just mentally totting up the list…

I’ve ‘overcome’ paralysis, near certain drowning after capsizing whilst disabled rowing, crashing off a cliff whilst disabled skiing, 5 massive spine operations,35 hours of general anaesthetic, frontal lobe brain injury, coma,2 heart attacks, 12 smashed up ribs broken collar bone and shoulder blade, 75 minutes lying on it all, with a severed spine and without passing out, kidney and liver failure, pressure sores to my face and back …chronic mentally debilitating depression, a smear campaign and attempted suicide..

Yet am smiling as I write.

It would appear that when it comes to lives, I’ve beaten even cats.

Maybe I’m one of those ghosts that go around thinking that they’re really alive?

( too sleepy to write any more – and facing a really disturbed night in Intensive Care )

More tomorrow ..

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