So be it.

I just received an email from the dermatology department of Hammersmith hospital, asking me to go in for an urgent appointment, after my recent biopsy. I can’t imagine that’s an altogether positive thing…

So, after surviving an horrific road crash, heart attacks and coma,  a near drowning after a boat capsize, and  a 100% certain to die suicide attempt, I’m now going to die of cancer… possibly.

You do have to see the funny side…. I certainly do!

3 thoughts on “So be it.

  1. Ruddy hell. I hadn’t seen this when I visited yesterday. I only didn’t ask how you were doing because I thought you might be tired of that question. Take care – and fingers crossed for you.

  2. I saw the funny side when someone said to me on seeing my Husband in a wheelchair. At leas you won’t wear your shoes out…. Margaret x x

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