1. …… my surgeon decided that he was happy with my fixation, that indeed it had broken, but that in doing so/ already  had stimulated new Bone generation in that area, which is ultimately stronger than the screw itself had been.

So… no revision or operation necessary to realign my willy, as Linda had put it that I’d put it… Perhaps I’m just cock eyed in the way I’m looking at it…..?

CT scan aside, I moved on quickly and met a fresh and ever so cute online date and we had a very entertaining ( what else with me ?) on floor 69 ( ahem ) of The Shard until chucking out time. There followed the slightly treacherous journey back to Chiswick through the burst drain streets of West London, arriving back to the worried Linda,  aka Bunny, at 2.30 am covered in ice and mud from the overflowing drains and cordoned off streets. Through police tape, water board lorries and JCB’s I wheeled, on my journey home, the wheelchair being allowed to go where mere mortals could not… such privileges do ever so slightly compensate?

I thank my new Carer for waiting up for me, true Mother Hen stylée, all protective over her new charge, in between penning literarary bloody masterpiece blog posts that put my childish written daubings to shame… I admit defeat on this occasion, but can she sustain it, or was it a one off, I wonder…? Has she blown her load all in one go, should we enquire….? Only time will tell.

4 am now and tomorrow is already half a write off then!

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