So …

So it turns out that I have an infected wound on my right foot. Although I can’t feel it  at all ( obviously )

Yet another danger of my condition – and how Christopher Reeves died, ultimately – an infected pressure sore, they said.

When I  think of that eventuality, I am  almost without emotion ( rightly or wrongly )  In fact, knowing what I know now about living with this injury, and knowing the huge medical team that was available to Mr Reeves, I find it hard to believe that his death wasn’t deliberate – that he chose not to be treated. There’s an assumption that any kind of life has to be better than being dead, but that’s not true, and until you’ve experienced that situation you really don’t know anything about it .

I have however started on a course of antibiotics, which should save me, and taken a strong sleeping tablet to knock myself out.

2 thoughts on “So …

  1. Sounds as if you may need possibly a district nurse to evaluate for any pressure areas to be sure none get infected again 🙁 , hoping the anitbiotics helped clear this for you xx

  2. I agree that the assumption is made by people who think, feel and live very different lives. It seems maybe religious people say they are grateful to be alive and state similar platitudes. I’m sorry you are having a bad time, really. I sincerely wish you less discomfort.

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