Am sharing a room with a guy called Jimmy. Too close for comfort!

Besides the Saville murky past connection, all well so far. Dani did all the hard work, unpacked and organised my stuff into a far smaller space than the last room ( private vs NHS  for you ). Still, I know I’m far better off here. 
As I’m a new patient they need to do ALL the tests afresh .. X rays, mobility assessments etc. means I have to stay in bed til prob 2 pm tomorrow .. Then I get a physio session. 
Staff are friendly, got a mini telly, but it’s far noisier here and too many lights on. Still, I’ll have to get used to it.. 
The big plus is that they encourage home visits pretty quickly, so the plan is to get me home for the weekends as of pretty soon. 
How’s about that then? ( as someone once here once said, a lot )

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