SM day two.

So…. Second day!

Did my first aerobic exercise in 13 weeks. ….15 mins of pedalling a stationary bike with arm pedals. 
Yes, because I tried pretty hard. Got a bit light headed so had to ease off for a few secs, but otherwise it felt good to pant a bit. 
Then I  went outside and learnt to transfer from a wheelchair into a small car.. Not easy, so I’ll have more goes tomorrow, but I did do it ok I think. Obv, at this point it’s not into the driver’s seat either. 
I went back to the gym later too, of my own accord. I’m determined to be stronger quickly..and  am definitely getting there. 
I was also put on a bike where the pedals go round by themselves … To stretch your legs and prevent cramps etc – prob some people’s idea of exercise paradise?
I’ve worked out they really don’t feed you  enough on the NHS to make me put on muscle, so Dani is bringing me extra on her visits. That missing 42 pounds of physique has to come from somewhere right?
Feel proud today. Amber scored 9 goals in her winning netball match today. There you go Amber, I’ve just told over a thousand people what a great Goal Shooter you are!
I’m def going home for some of this weekend, and hope to watch my girls at hockey training. Can’t wait to see them running around. They def get their speed from their Dad… 

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