I’m going to drive the 600 miles to France – it avoids the humiliation of being carried on and off planes.

The Tunnel isn’t far underground and then I’m away. I have a co driver, more someone that can help me really if things go wrong.. And to put diesel in.

I’ve never been into driving long distances; some guys really like it, I know, but not me, or not so far. It’s just possibly the lesser of two evils really.

I’ll have to keep shifting about as best I can so as to avoid getting a pressure sore ( I’d have no idea if I was injuring myself )

My ski kit all seems to have gone a bit mouldy – that s the trouble with not being able to look after kit myself now – that my own rather anal standards can’t be applied – and Dani has enough to do as it is. Hopefully the washing machine will be enough..

6 days of sit skiing may lead to progression – it depends. On recent form I spend 4 days smashing my head and then get better on day 5, by which time I’ve almost thrown the towel in. You should see the state of my helmet – may explain my ongoing mood alterations?!

My Yukon 1000 mile partner, Rob Colliver, is gonna join me, as is Dan and possibly Kev Young, my school mate.

They can’t really do a lot except watch me and wince a lot, but maybe it’ll be better this time? Who knows…


4 thoughts on “Skiing

  1. I once drove to Chamonix in my Porsche Cabriolet with Esther. We had our ski’s sticking out of the unzipped window of the soft top. We had no map and no real clue how to get there (you know me and directions). It was a fun memorable night. We stopped some Gendarmes who wrote down the list of towns to head for. We drove through some very pretty French country side and sleepy villages. We were big into listening to Sade back then. (Smooth Operator). We had an amazing ski holiday. We got snowed in (didn’t have any snow chains, Porsche front wheel drive) so we couldn’t drive back to the ferry on the day we were due to leave. I think I was 25 and she was 22. Unforgettable experience. We also listened to Chi Chin Chong. We talked non-stop all the way. Drive carefully. Good luck. xxx

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