Sit ski.

So it really isn’t easy.

In America they have you on leashes – like walking a toddler – and correct your mistakes to stop you falling over.
Here,they have no leashes, they let you fall over, and let you feel the snow against your face, and the pain of the impact.

Beginning a beginner again on snow is a hard one to swallow.
The conditions are either icy or slushy and it’s a bloody challenge
Technically I’m putting in far too much arm muscle, and not using the stabilising poles enough – less brawn, more brains required.
Always my tendency in sport, that one…
Although I think I’m hopeless, Jean Jacques, my instructor, seems to think I’m not.
When you absolutely cannot get up yourself after a fall, it adds to the feeling of ineptitude. I’m totally reliant on him to drag me upright again, every time. And I can’t see how I’ll ever be any other way.
And that’s a bit depressing.

Rather comically I was washed outside in the garden yesterday by Dan and Saskia, with buckets of water.
As cars drove by, a naked, paralysed bloke had water poured over him by a guy in a ski suit.
Straight out of Little Britain.

Saw Billy and SJ yesterday though, old, good mates, and met their lovely kids for I think the first time. Dan’s 3 get on very well with them, and it’s great to watch them having fun. It makes me miss my girls a lot though.
Although I want to progress my skiing, I can’t wait to be home at the same time. Having spent 9 months incarcerated in hospitals, I fear being away from my family.

Two more days to crack this bloody sport. I can’t imagine it’s going to be enough. Having watched a bit of YouTube last night, it looks easy, but trust me, it’s not.
I fall and curse a lot, but try not to get too down, as that won’t help.
Before this, if I had a bad day’s skiing, it would weigh heavily on me until I had a good day. I have to recognise that this is my nature and put things into perspective – it’s hardly the end of the world ( I’ve already been VERY close to that one ).

Ok, almost time to get up to spend an hour sat on the bloody toilet.


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  1. Keep it going Russ, you will crack this. Small steps, incremental goals. Remember Billy trying to sit upright in your racing kayak in Portugal! And he had no excuse! Lots of love, A

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