Sept 11th.

The journey continues apace.. Practising trying to get from lying down to sitting up. 

Sounds easy? Well, before it was. Now..really not. 
Shoulders feeling the pain. I’m extra reliant on them now that I’ve lost half my body. I seem to have injured the right arm in the crash. My right elbow ‘was swollen like a balloon’ I’m told. So I’m having a scan tomorrow to see what I’ve done to it and my right shoulder . Fingers crossed. 
Mentally I’m strong (ish). I only get depressed if I think about getting depressed. So I generally flick the switch to ‘thankful I’m alive’. 
My voice continues to sound a cross between Larry Grayson and Mariella Frostrup ( if you know who they are !). 
I can’t speak loudly, and I sound like I’m on helium supplements. It’s sort of husky and high pitched at the same time. 
Big thanks to my father in law, Dr Al, for treating us to dinner tonight. 
And thanks to Dani for not crashing my wheelchair… Well, it was close a few times. 

1 thought on “Sept 11th.

  1. Hi Russ
    Mac and I are just back from 2 weeks in Turkey, we were able to read you blog while we were away, but not leave messages for you but we have been so pleased to read that you have progressed ever further, have moved hospitals and have been out and about too ! Must be hard Russ, but keep it up, you are doing so well. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Too ! I remember yours and Danis wedding day very well, as it was such a lovely happy day, not even slightly marred by a female guest at the wedding who told ME off for not controlling Mac better ! Ha Ha! Thanks too for not putting the really incriminating wedding photos on your blog btw! We will see you at your new digs soon. Take care
    Lots of love, Laura and Mac xxxx

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