Sent to me by my school mate, Jeff Thomas.

imageDuring his rugby playing days….Russ was a well above average centre/fullback/wing, who went on to play representative school boy rugby and also to play for Pontypool during their high flying best rugby club days during the 1980’s…..but I thought I’d take this opportunity to share this story from one of our school boy matches between West Mon School Pontypool and Bassaleg School Newport (any Newport v Pontypool rugby match contained many a brawl and scraps)….both of the schools didn’t get on that well and this often showed on the field with many fights ensuing during the game…..for our age group…..Bassaleg had one Jon Callard at fullback, he was the current Welsh School Boys fullback who went on to play for Newport, Bath and subsequently win 5 caps (or a few more) for England (famous for his end of time place kick to win the Calcutta Cup for England)…..I think it would be fair to say that Jon had somewhat of a big ego…strutting around the field….in fact it was huge and I think Russ didn’t take to Jon that much (I could be wrong here)…….but during one of the all in scraps….Russ playing fullback or wing took the opportunity to sprint most of the length of the pitch with his arm and fist out towards poor Jon Callard who must have been thinking what the hell? ¬†Well Russ dropped Callard on this butt and bought Callard’s ego down a fair few pegs ….I was playing in the game….and it was amusing to see Russ taking the opportunity not to get involved in the main scrap going on…but to make sure Callard knew that Dawks was on pitch and his opposing number…Mike Jenkins and I still get a laugh out of this today.


( I think Jeff’s recollection is pretty accurate …)

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